Face Painting in the Dark

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I have been waiting a long time for a full collection of Ann Cefola’s deeply written and exquisitely felt poems. This is not just an accumulation of good poems, it is a book — whole, earned, and profoundly alive. A stunning debut!

– Thomas Lux

In this luminous debut collection, narratives possess relaxed rhythms, and fresh and, at times, startling imagery is infused with grace and intelligence. Face Painting in the Dark revisits classical themes of love, loss then ultimately redemption and hope. Here you will find “the moon bursting forth” and what it truly means to be human.  

– Kevin Pilkington

Powerful images in Ann Cefola’s Face Painting in the Dark force us to abandon our anchors in any particular place or time. In language that is at once magical, lucid and specific, the narrator addresses her identity defined by convention, literature, and experience.  Cefola’s images celebrate the miracle of life as it is renewed every day.  

Nahid Rachlin