Free Ferry

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Free Ferry sublimely combines the experience of a suburban family with the production and isolation of plutonium. Cefola has a gift for squeezing the beauty of everyday lives into the larger context of scientific discovery. The results are a refreshing and stunningly detailed book.

—Nathalia Holt, New York Times-bestselling author of Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us From Missiles to the Moon to Mars

Free Ferry is charged with the urgency of Breaking News. Evidencing the wonder and terror that coexist in the quotidian, this 21st century poetry blends risk-taking and science —“Not fission but fusion./Sustained reaction.”—which equally describes Free Ferry.

—Suzanne Cleary, author of Beauty Mark, winner of the John Ciardi Poetry Prize

Compelling and timely, a journey across the lake of the mind where her language floats up like medieval sirens and archetypal creatures that lure us into another world, a haunting and magical world—highly recommended.

—Jimmy Santiago Baca, poet and author of Singing at the Gates.