Hence this cradle

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Translation of D’ici, de ce berceau (Flammarion) by Hélène Sanguinetti

Translator Ann Cefola does a heroic job dealing with the challenge of translating from one of the most evocative and connotative languages in the world to one of the least, without reducing the already reductive and evasive language of the original into nonsense language.

– Eric Greinke in The Pedestal

Within a predilection for abstraction in French poetry and a general American propensity for poetic concreteness, Cefola has written Sanguinetti’s poems in an English that can at once engage and instruct American poets and readers.

– Lucas Klein in Rain Taxi

With Hence this cradle, Hélène Sanguinetti blends the fairytale world of childhood with the sensual world of the adult in a sequence of poetic fragments that fuse the innocent and the intimate in a single lyric voice.

– Seismicity Editions