Mapping Lyric Narrative

What makes some literature transcendent? Is it the way readers can fall deep into someone’s story in a line or two? This workshop will explore the path lyric narrative takes in the hands of poets such as Lucille Clifton (right) and Billy Collins, and possibly some novelists. First, we’ll examine how their work moves deftly through time and space. Then we will borrow their tools to draft a poem or two. If you care about, as Hemingway says, “writing the truest sentence you know,” join me in deciphering how the masters create magic.

Master Poetry Translation Workshop

You don’t have to know another language to participate in this workshop.  You will get first-hand experience translating with a simple homophonic exercise, and then we will explore the many ways one classic poem has been translated over centuries.  Get a feel for the choices that literary translators must make and the resources we use.  We will also discuss the literary translation field, and how to get started in it.  If you’re a creative writer, translation can expand your vocabulary, open the door to publication, and introduce you to new creative approaches.

Processing Emotion Through Poetry

William Carlos Williams has famously said, “No ideas but in things.” Mark Doty, inspired by a mackerel display at his local grocery store, later wrote a poem which resonates with the enormous loss of the AIDS epidemic. In this poetry workshop, we’ll look at specific images as the doorway to processing and communicating emotion. We’ll examine how a few poets accomplish this task, and then do some writing ourselves.

Discovering the Three Stages of Creativity

You know you’re creative, so why aren’t you moving ahead on your dream projects? This workshop will introduce you to the three phases of creativity that always need to remain separate—or they will sabotage one another. You’ll get to know each one so you can be fully present when you’re in it. The result is a like a tune-up—you will be ready to shift into high gear and accelerate your output dramatically.